Insistent Pixie
Chasing the Sunset
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ultrainventor says:

umm... where is the image?

C-PM says:

I was waiting to see his forehead! And more minitrees!

Firelander says:

He can better give up his shinies, if he does it good enough en use it for decorating then he might even end up with half of his shinies still with hem when Feiht leaves.

hkmaly says:

It must really be big treasure for keeping Feith's mind on one thing so long.

ultrainventor says:

hey, the comment is still there from when I traveled into the future!

ultrainventor says:

also, he can see Feiht! I guess being tormented so badly by a pixie makes you believe them and that makes you see them.

Kim says:

How dare this William person get in the way of the love that was always meant to be, Feight and her shies. How insensitive!

Escapist says:

Really great artwork on this one. I mean it's always good but this one in particular strikes me as very well done.

Lin says:

Hee! Poor Feiht, she looks so happy in panel 3 :D

Pulsy says:

ahahahaha! He still has Feihts name across his forehead XD

Also - still love the vortex colors. The last comic missed a bit yellow, but that's made up for now. It makes the thing even more glowy, knowing that the colors change!

Lee that was and practically isn't says:

Now William looks as if a dyslexic person has branded him "thief"!

Greenwood Goat says:

Leaf: You can have the treasure after he's dead.

Feiht: Yaaayy! That's no time at all! Must remember to check up on him, remember, remember, remember, remember-

Leaf: You know, you haven't pranked Ayne lately...

Feiht: What?! Who?! No!! Wait, what was I trying to remember? Oh, yes, prank Ayne!! Yay! >:=)>

Josh says:

Do not worry about avoiding temptation. As you grow older it will avoid you.

woulv says:

just wanted to tell you how awsome i think this story is!!^^ I have been reading it since almost the begining and its getting more and more exiting^^

Lolly says:

um... what exactly is suspended over the vortex in panel 1? It looks like a mushroom being carried by the tiniest airship ever...?!

Lolly says:

ooh... its also in panel 5!

Rocks, Maps and Crafts says:

Ah Feiht. She makes me laugh!!!

Pulsy says:

Lolly: you're right! I had noticed it in panel 5 but not in 1. That's very strange :o Did the borderline creatures (you know the ones i'm talking about) invade the actual comic now? o.O

Lee that was and practically isn't says:

Always remember, kiddies, never follow strange links!

Alien says:

Always remember, kiddies, always follow Lee's advice!

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