Slumbering Dragon
Chasing the Sunset
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C-PM says:

AHHH Is the alt text serious? :D :D :D
And Feiht's still upset. Typical.
Also it's nice to see Myhrad back to his cute, lazy, cat-like self.

Alric says:

Myhrad stayed up all night, he needs and earned his sleep

hkmaly says:

Alric: ... and it's probably not first time.

Woulv says:

poor Myhrad!

Firelander says:

Myhrad plushie, where, how, when?????

Me says:

Well, at least they didn't leave him there and make him fly after them as they're leaving the island. Though that would be funny. :P

Pulsy says:

Now that it's back to daylight, i noticed how much i like the strangers hair again! Both the shape and the colors are awesome! Especially in panel 3

Also: Myhrad sometimes reminds me of a cat :)

Pulsy says:

On an unrelated notice: steal all the plushies!!

Rocks, Maps and Crafts says:

I want a Myhrad plushie!!!!! Oh, good comic btw. :)

ultrainventor says:

ha! that's great

Kim says:

I really am going to use that one. "You've met my friend XYZ right?""No, I might have been possessed by a memory-stealing spirit at the time. So Sorry."

Joanna says:

Haha! Poor Myhrad gets no respect. Love the plushie idea by the way! I have 5 nieces and nephews, so someone would get one besides me!

IrishDrinker says:

Awesome comic guys, as always :) And a plushie would be awesome!

Lee that wasn't or is he? says:

Looks like Myhrad's either chasing Z's or counting large numbers upside down.

Kittenklaws13 says:


Abidar says:

Myhrad sleeping on his back: "22222"

Pulsy says:

I'll have to disappoint you all though: after carefully analysing the hoover-text, i have concluded that the author is in fact NOT working on a plushie. In fact, they actually say they don't know what the person speaking of the plushy is talking about. I guess that means there will be no plushieness ...

Lee that wasn't or is he? says:

Pulsy: Looks like a Suspiciously Specific Denial [(c)] to me.

XRumerTest says:

Hello. And Bye.

OrlahEhontas says:

Myhrad's not sleeping! He's performing valuable maintenance on his eyelids, checking for leaks. That buzzing sound is his eyes moving really fast trying to find any light coming through.

MSB says:

Poor Myhrad. One of these days, it'd be hilarious to see him larger around them, even if it's only temporary! Hahaha

ultrainventor says:

I can't wait for the next strip, but my cat decided to "borrow" my time machine. she wouldn't tell me what she wanted it for...

Kim says:

That's the issue with cats, they always steal your time machines. This is why I have a dog.

Who, me? says:

Hey, is anyone else noticing a problem with the clock? It's always the same time whenever I come to the site. Is the website updating properly?

ultrainventor says:

NOOOOOO!!!! my cat used my time machine to continuously delay the update time! EVIL KITTY!!!!!

seriously though, I never paid much attention to the update clock. It's hardly ever accurate and I think it is just there because of complaints whenever it said things like Unknown or 278 days left or stuff like that.

TerryCat says:

So has no-one else noticed the floaty thing near the staff?

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