Chapter 20: Ordeal by Magic
Chasing the Sunset
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RocksMapsandCrafts says:

OOO! so much foreboding! Or maybe foreshadowing? I dunno! I just like it!

ShinRaiten says:

Foreboding, I like it. Lookin' forward to January, have a nice Christmas you three!

C-PM says:

I like Ayne and Myhrad creepin'.
Is this voluntary or not? Maybe Leaf went to these people to have the Furies exorcised?

Vorlonagent says:

Don't make Leaf angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Lee that be and why not says:

"Wait a minute, I thought I'd been called to the *Pentagon*..."

Antonymous says:

I wonder if Malvenicus is behind this.

craebild says:

Leaf's hands are tied together and his eyes are fiery red, along with an angry expression. I don't think Leaf is happy about what is happening, which means others around might be quite unhappy very soon.

ultrainventor says:

why does this remind me of the greybeards' ritual when they accept the main character of Skyrim as dragonborn?

Does anyone know the part I'm talking about?

Kim says:

Ooooh pretty glowy rainbow pentacle candles.

Pulsy says:

Very interesting image this one! The monks don't look very happy about what they're doing, but Leafs expression is downright scary. Great job drawing! Looks like whatever they are doing is unpleasant but must be done to prevent something worse. Ayne and Myhrad look more like they're curious and want to see how stuff is going, rather then hiding for an ambush or setting up a rescue attempt. I think they agree that this must be done.

The shading here is awesome by the way. I especially love Leafs coat and the bottom left monk's robe. Very realistic!

Does anyone recognise the woman on the far left? I'm not sure if we know her yet.

Mithandir says:

She's been in the comic before... not sure I'm allowed to say that :)

IrishDrinker says:

She looks familure.. but I couldn't peg where without going and re-reading all the comics again... which I may do, when I am not about to pass out :P

ultrainventor says:

Isn't she that witch from that village who uses all of those "doth"s?

Wisknort says:

So I was right in thinking I remembered her. I'll probably do a trawl tomorrow if no-one beats me to it.

Odo says:

I keep checking this story because you have made me care about Leaf and Ayne and Myrhad (and even Feiht). The art continues to improve and the story rocks. Keep it up, Mith and Alien.

Neuefruhling says:

The candle flames are different colors. Blue, orange, purple, green, and red.

Kim says:


Firelander says:

Wasn't she there during the dwarf arc, she was a historian if i remember correctly

ultrainventor says:

@Firelander: no, the historian was an ancient elf. I still think she is the witch from the arc with the bard king. She was trying to spy on leaf at first, and then tried to get the people at the village after the dwarf arc to hold him, ayne, and Myhrad because she suspected Leaf was possessed by furies, which also explains why leaf is tied up in the center of a ritualistic circle which is clearly designed to suppress the furies, or else they would all be blown up if she managed to catch up to them.

oh, btw, the above might or might not end up as a spoiler. sry. my cat gave me my time machine back, and that was one of the infinitely many possible futures.

Pulsy says:

@Ultrainventor: Wait - your cat gives stuff back? :O Mine only steal, hide, lose and destroy stuff...

ultrainventor says:

I think she figured it was better to return it. messing with time without cyborg training often leads to messy incidents. usually, it involves tentacles.

Me says:

Wow I'm surprised nobody knowes what the colors represent. There the five elements; fire, water, earth, wood (or) air, and metal.

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