Arrival at sunset
Chasing the Sunset
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It a me Dalfio! :3 says:

What the hell? Is it normal that the comic dont apear? It isnt on the chapter image too.

Terrec says:

The comic has been stolen by pixies! Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the comic?

(Don't worry, Dalfio, it's normal. It just means the next page wasn't ready when the update timer they set ran out.)

hkmaly says:

Isn't big enough indeed ... looking at the second frame, I'm not sure how they fit in.

craebild says:

Shiny indeed :)
Just check where that arrow is pointing (it isn't the lighthouse).

Zela says:

Love the Feiht figurehead :3

Lee that's writing this says:

Oh, dear. Pixies want to steal the sun? Talk about hot property.

And Feiht impersonating a figurehead is pretty funny.

It a me Dalfio! :3 says:

Let me guess: They will need to, for a reason or anothere, to climb the long way all up the mountain, right?

Lee that's writing this says:

It a me Dalfio! :3: At least there's a road to the top. They won't actually need to climb those steep cliff walls. Unless Feiht manages to annoy the locals of course. Oh dear...

MSB says:

Man, Myhrad is going to hate bipedal creatures by the time he's grown. XD

Dalfio says:

Just call me Dalfio. >_>

Pulsy says:

Love what Feiht is doing in the second panel :D
Also, i'm going to miss the stranger... I know i keep repeating myself, but i love that man's haircolor!

Lee that's writing this says:

Call me after 7 except at weekends.

Kim says:

Oh the first panel is so pretty. Great job!

stormkite says:

Like the first panel. Especially like that the reflections in the water don't QUITE match the true image.

(Also like the camera shift in the last panel... that angle works for those two lovable nutcases.

Me says:

I'm surprised Myhrad hasn't eaten her by now.

Mithandir says:

Me: Remember what happened the last time a dragon ate Feiht.

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