Accommodating accommodations
Chasing the Sunset
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Alric says:


Termas says:

Yay! I'm excited to see his room.

EK says:

Heh. They think he's lying. Ah well, they'll come to know better in time.

Illinia says:

Yay! :D

Azuresky says:

Glad to you you guys back

augustus63 says:

If he said a pixie took it I better he would be in the dungens.


Did he actually notice Feiht stole it before? .... ok, even if he didn't, who else? :-)


Wait ... aren't others gonna search for him in dungeon?


Yay, an update! Glad I just decided to check :) Tweets needs updating too?

Firelander says:

Glad to see you are back, I still love the series.

ultrainventor says:

he can handle a fury, but what about three?


woulv says:

yay^^ worth the wait!

Jeremiah says:

Nice to have you back!! I hope everything's getting better.

kevari says:

you have no idea how much joy i get from seeing this beautiful comic progress, but everyone has hard times dont rush yourself it has continued to remain amazing because you progress with it at your own pace ^.^

Lee that's been writing for ages says:


Lee that's been writing for ages says:

OK, last message didn't come out right. Shoulda said "Fans (heart emoticon) you right back.

Lee that's been writing for ages says:

PS: Forgot the close quote, so here it is: "

Nobody says:

The gem on the staff seems to have been removed quite a while back - if you look all the way back to when they ran into the sea giant, Feiht noticed the water balloon and removed the gem. Look at panel 2 of page 443.

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