Chasing the Sunset
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IrishDrinker says:

AWESOME! New comic :)

IrishDrinker says:

AWESOME!!!! Use the glass :) Last three panels are amazing!

hkmaly says:

Whoa. Which character is seeing which version?

Muninn says:

Love the new comic :D. *retracts arm*

caribet says:

welcome back! so good to see you drawing again! hope everything else off-line is going well/better

Iceea says:

"will scare for food" cute, very cute. I'll have to remember that for Halloween!

Retiarius says:

Nice Doctor Who reference in panel two.

Golux says:

Sorry to hear about the sick minds and fevers, but appreciate their output. The last panel shows quite a different environment under the magnifier. Does Malvenicus (rattle boom) see these creatures without scrying?

ShinRaiten says:

Elder Abominition, CR 15.

ultrainventor says:

woah! that's new. looking through the magnifying glass shows abominations! In the panels! well done!

Firelander says:

So, where are the pixies?

Kris says:

Wow guys, I absolutely love those backgrounds ^^

Iceea says:

and the first sentence in panel 5 is a reference to Disney's Aladin

IrishDrinker says:

NFL quotes?

Ash says:

Ahh! Elder abominations! Very clever in the last panel there... I also love how much darker it is under the magnifier. And HOORAY NEW COMIC! Glad you're feeling better and I hope things keep improving!

Glass says:

Will scare for food!!!! XD

Pulsy says:

Revolutionary use of the magnifier! :D Great job!

Also - Elder abominations are scary ... #.#

Inbetweenaction says:

Great to have you back, and amazing comic as usual

Me says:

So younger abonimations are ok?

Winterbay says:

Love the magnified version and I take it that Malvenicus (krasch boom) can see the things that the others can't due to what he said :)
Looking forward to the next installment :)

Katkinkate says:

Is Rune OK?
The comic is just getting more amazing.

aj26 says:

Did anyone else relize that one of his eyes are yellow and the other is green?
Did this happen before and I havn't noticed?

C-PM says:

^^ His eyes have always been that way.

Woulv says:

I check everyday to se if there is a new strip^^ love everything about this comic! :D

Osk says:

What do elder abominations eat actually?

hkmaly says:

Osk: Traditionally, cultists. If there is not enough of them, everyone else.

Osk says:

Arn't they supposed to be fed innocent sacrifices and only go for cultists when those are unavailable. If even that is unavailable they just grab the nearest snack.

Katkinkate says:

It's been over 2 months with no word anywhere. Anyone know if the family is OK?

Aspasia says:

I too have been concerned since the last thing we heard was that Rune was ill. However my mind was put at ease a bit when I did some searching and turned up a story about a school volunteer spotlight story for Dec 2013 where they focused on someone with with the same RL name as our Mithandir for the month and said they were looking forward to his son joining the school (they mentioned he had a 2 year old son, and seemed to be in the right RL location). Nothing seemed to indicate there were any issues, so I'm betting Mithandir and Alien have just been extremely busy.

IrishDrinker says:

Alright! I can post again :) Sorry for not informing you sooner, I should use the Facebook more often :)

Woulv says:

I miss you!!!!

hkmaly says:

Given how many more months passed ... Aspasia, can you check again?

Worried Ultrainventor says:

I hope they are ok. It has been over six months since we have even heard from them. any of them.

Prior Semblance says:

This isn't the first time they've vanished and it probably wont be the last

Woulv says:

true... but its always acary when they do

Iceea says:

And this is certainly the longest I believe. I do hope Apasia can find some more reassuring information for us.

IrishDrinker says:

Well, I had posted on their facebook about a month ago about the fact I couldn't post, and they responded pretty quickly. Hope we get some news soon.

IrishDrinker says:

Just looked it up. Jan 22. This was their post in response to me telling them about not being able to post:
Ouch. Apparently one of the anti-spam filters I set up ended up blocking everything. Thank you very much for bringing this to our notice, it has now been fixed. And thank you for wanting to comment, and for still being there. More comics will come, but due to a persistent (non-lethal) disease, we are unable to make any promises as to when.

Pulsy says:

Oooh spamfilter badness is gone? i can post again? Yay!
I wanted to post that Mith and Alien said they were fine in a chatroom somewhere around newyear, but the system didn't let me...

Anyway, just check in every once in a while and there will be a new comic some day, i'm sure :)

IrishDrinker says:

no problem. I tend not to use facebook, but I didn't know where else to turn, since I could not post here. I do hope they are alright. And I am sure comics will come when they have the time, and real life isn't being a pain in the ass. I just had a kid.. so I know how hectic it can be.

Lee's back says:

Oh look, messages with links but absolutely no context. No way they could be sp4m, right? (Please disregard if said messages are deleted)

Woulv says:

we love u

Lee's back says:

FCOL, what is all this crap?

Iceea says:

Looks like cross posts from somewhere. Whether intentional or inadvertent is hard to say. Hopefully the spam filters haven't been tightened up to the point that folks are being blocked

Pulsy says:

Hmmm no new comic yet? Oh well, still checking every few days :)

C-PM says:

Still checking back! Would love more Rune pics :)

Iceea says:

IrishDrinker, I tried posting a comment on page 740 but it didn't go through. That's happened once before. I hope I haven't gotten caught in the spam filter.

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