Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

That arrow should have been a bolt. I didn't much know the difference.

Queen Julietaini/Juliette says:

What is the difference?

Feldar says:

I beleive a bolt is thinker and has different fletching, so that it doesn't get caught in a crossbow.

Science_Vixen says:

Bolts also are shorter. A crosbow isn't pulled back as war as a bow, and have no need to extend beyound the front of the bow.

Dark Flame says:

"Have I been drinking?" "Not today Boss." "Maybe I should have." Wonderful!

noir says:

Where did Leaf get the bow and arrow?

Bubbles says:

He had it stuck in his hair, remember?

Shadow Phoenix says:

"Is that a rhetorical question?" LOL.

Unicorn says:

Morgans flower turned white.

Statri says:

The huhnter wouldn't have given away his friend. He would have distracted them until his friend had shot the unicorn. Also, fellow hunters don't call each other "boss." If one serves the other, he would probably say "my lord" or something like that.

Thekid-cat says:

"have I been drinking?" I love it!

hailstorm says:

maby the other guy was drinking

Camolotthe29 says:

Oooo, a flower. You shouldn't have.
No, really, you shouldn't have.
Also, there's still time to flee back to camp and get drunk enough to try again.

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