Morgane Le Fay
Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

That tiny bow-tree is about to grow big.

Queen Julietaini/Juliette says:

I'm a little bow-tree, short and stout, got no feet it wears me out!

Ayrin says:

Morrigan!!! Or as those who don't worship all things Celtic know her...Morgane Le Fay!

ArcticChicken says:

I thought the Morrigan was a goddess of war? Eh, so many Beings have duel natures.

Aerinelf says:

"Are you afraid yet, human?" Duh duh duh...

AnyaStyrzod says:

Hail Morrigan!
All things Celtic are Sacred!

bookbook says:

No, Morrigan was a Celtic goddess of WAR. Morgane le Fay is King Aurthur's sister. She likes playing triks on him.

Bubbles says:

i thought morgane le fay was the person who trapped merlin in a crystal ball? i am sooo confused.

Bastet says:

I though that Nimre/Viviene trapped Merlin under a rock?

Bast says:

Hello!!! It's Nimue, by the way.

Icy says:

I wonder if she meant that as a reatoricle question.

htt:// says:

gawain where is it

htt:// says:

fuck... am i stupid yes i am... ;) it's not pincubus it is come and see

htt:// says:

again me... I am the devil in disguise
I bring thr evil to your life
Listen, listen - listen what I say
My name is - Morgane le Fay

Lone Star says:

Didn't Merlin play tricks on Morgan Le Fay, not Morgan on Merlin?

Statri says:

In the book I read, King Arthur's sister's name was Morgana, and The LADY OF THE LAKE trapped Merlin in a TREE. By calling her Morgan Le Fay, it lounds like you're talking about the same person, but I think we're talking about a different Morgane. Also, isn't this version technically pronounced "More-Gain?"

Lone Star says:

I think "Yjajamin" sounds a lot better than Morgane Le Fay or The Lady.

Lone Star says:


TheNextTaggerung says:

In the last panel, the hunter's face looks like a little kid's face

Celticas says:

Euhm.... Morgan le fay is different from the Morrigan, the morrigan was like someone had noticed previously the goddes of battle,and honour and such, among other things, like most cetlic gods she's a trinity the maiden the lady and the crone ( the lady was the war part I believe the others did other stuff). Morgane le Fay is indeed a character form the Arthur myht's and NOT the morrigan

hailstorm says:

how did arthurs sister becom an elf

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