What is Worst?
Chasing the Sunset
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AnyaStyrzod says:

That's a very large tree...is it just me or did it get bigger from frame 1?
But we like large trees! They're like redwoods! And redwoods are PRETTY!! :)

Bastet says:

If a tree taht didn't have that growth thing on it was that big, I'd guess that it's be about...2000? 1000? 900? years old.

Selenya says:

Maybe Morgane's influence is what's makeing the tree grow so fast when she touches it...(far fetched, I know)

Statri says:

Ayne looks good in frame 6, even though it looks like her head is tilted too far forward.

hailstorm says:

actually that makes sence selena

hailstorm says:


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