Filler: The seven minute war board game
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Mithandir says:

These are some early looks at a board game I'm working on. First draft of the rules can be found here.
Once it's done I'll upload everything needed to print your own copy.

hkmaly says:

Looks interresting ... do you also have some wizard prepared?

Mithandir says:

Not quite yet .. I started with some pixies because I could swipe the art more easily without disturbing Alien :) The plan is to have 16 pixies and 16 wizards to chose from in the end, so quite a bit of work still and the ones shown here will certainly change before the end.

Firelander says:

How many players will it be for then? 32?

Mithandir says:

Just two players for now (or possibly two teams). Each player gets six characters of the 16 available to their side. That way there's more variation in the game since it will always be a different combination of chacaters.

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

That looks like fun! Keep us posted on the progress!

Kim says:

It looks like parcheesi crossed with clue crossed with a trading card game crossed with monopoly. And then with pixies. It should be a really fun game.

jamwa says:

just one question, why is there 5 spinners or counters on the board?

Mithandir says:

It's all explained in the rules that I linked to in my first comment :)
They are counters representing the background magic in that area. Various effect increase or decrease it. If it hits 0, all pixies in that area are eliminated. If it hits 10 the pixies can start summoning the Ur-pixie.

Pulsy says:

hmmm... pixies summoning an Ur-pixie? I think we just discovered the reason the world is scheduled to end tomorrow :D

bogey53 says:

Quick note on the rules: The Game Board, should say the 'five' main rooms, not four. Otherwise the rules seem clear and well thought out. The game looks very interesting and I look forward to playing it when completed! :-)

Lee of the Rogue Star says:

The last ability on Dread's card made me snicker, and grin every time I think of it. "Stick a fork in that wizard. He's done."

Termas says:

The rules do make sense and it sounds like a ton of fun!

Jon says:

I think it would be fun to turn this into a computer game for you. Let me know if you'd be interested.

C-PM says:

This is a great idea! Great filler content, too!

C-PM says:

Okay, reading the directions, I realize that they're going to go through a whole ton of revisions, so I'm not going to say a lot. I do have one question though: How exactly do the pixies summon the Ur-pixie? Is there some sort of special set of tasks? Or does it just sort of happen? Because the directions go from "begin summoning the Ur-pixie" to the win condition of "summoning the Ur-pixie."

Mithandir says:

YEah I haven't worked the details of that bit out myself. It will depend greatly on the first playtests. I have to know how much the counters move, on average, to see how hard summoning the Ur-pixie should be.

Lee that are and how says:

Leaf: Hey, look, a board game.
Myhrad: Yeah, that's appropriate. I'm bored already.

Seriously, I'm not a big gamer, but a CtS game sounds like it could be lots of highly chaotic fun.

Wisknort says:

So much want.

Wisknort says:

Also, dungeon crawler thing with webcomic cameos:

ShinRaiten says:

Jokes on you pixies! I've been insane for decades.

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