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Olympus is taunting me

Created Tue 24 Feb 09 - 0:24 by Mithandir in category Photography


So earlier this year Olympus (my camera brand) came out with a new model, the E-30. A great camera, but at 1300 it was simply too expensive so I resisted. Besides, the E-30 was a bit too big for my tastes, I told myself.

Now today Olympus announced the E-620. A camera with most of the features and improvements of the E-30 in a smaller body and at a recommended price of $699.

It will go on sale one day before my birthday.

Olympus is taunting me. This camera has nearly everything I'd want in a camera and would be a stellar upgrade to my trusty E-510 and at $699 it IS quite affordable, except ... except Alien and I are going to Africa for 6 weeks in september-october and we really need to save up our money for that.

Damn you Olympus for bringing out an awesome, relatively cheap camera one day before my birthday at a time that I just can't afford it!

*pouts and goes to read previews, drooling*


SillyHow inconsiderate of them! :D
PulsySell your set of lenzes? or would that render the camera useless? /hasnoclue
NotFirstBut you need the new camera for your trip to Africa!

Although, honestly, I am not a fan of Olympus - I find their sensors to be very subpar and the workmanship quality to be mediocre.
MithandirNot sure you're talking about their DSLR's or their compacts here, Notfirst, but for the former their sensors are only lagging slightly behind Canon/Nikon and their build quality is generally considered superior to both (the Canon 450D and its kit lens in particular feel like a toy compared to my E-510).
The strength of Olympus is in innovation and lenses. The lenses are almost universally praised as being exceptionally high quality (even the budget lenses, comparatively) and in my opinion more than make up for the weaker sensor.
Also, Olympus tends to cram more features in their cameras so you get more flexibility for the money.

Not to say Oly cameras are better than canon/nikon/sony/whatever .... I personally think all of the major brands have some great cameras with their own strengths and weaknesses and choosing between them is more a matter of taste than anything else.

I'm very pleased with my camera :)

Doesn't make me not want the E-620 and its next-generation sensor, external white balance, better AF system and tilt/swivel LCD tho :P