As streams of air they met, one blue one black, coming from different directions, clashing into each other and swirling around as arms of air grasped to get a hold. They danced around each other, exploring the other, trying to look from all directions, swerving and floating, sometimes with surprising speed as something new caught their attention. Dancing ever on, a whirlwind of color. There were two, but there was only one dance. As they went on circling around - trying both to encompass as to penetrate the other, to see the whole while exploring the shifts of different colors in the core - the black showed a sign of blue while the blue darkened. On and on they danced, but after a while there was but one color as there had only been one dance.
A single stream of air continued its way, stronger now than either had been before.


MithandirI never know how to write down what's in my mind. I try though.
Dryg0nI can see how you feel, Mithandir. In my mind's eye, shifting, changing, yet always the same.
Bobdeep. very deep.
SquirtLove it. can you teach me how to write like that?
shinkodavery poignant, I love it!


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Chasing the Sunset
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