In Silent laughter 1

Dreamily he walked, around and around the monolith. Stroking it with a finger, just to make it real, but it wasn't, could not be. He was not real either, he was his own fantasy. Above him the sun and moon fought a silent battle for dominance of a starlit sky. A dragon suddenly appeared, giant and ancient it watched him undisturbed, its powerful eyes showing a mocking smile. It laughed at him, a creature trapped in bonds of spider webs and faerie glitter, a soundless laugh yet filled with joy. When he fixed his eyes on it, the dragon disappeared in a puff of clouds, leaving nothing behind but merry laughter. On the other side of the pillar pixies were playing with a ball of light, he could see the flashes every time one of the tiny creatures threw it. They had been doing it forever, always on the other side, just out of sight, but now he could see them, touch them with a stream of thoughts. A giant bird flew from nowhere and he hopped up, it was there to take him. Its giant wings flapping motionless finding lift on the airless sky, carried up by the power of the light that was not there, for it was night.
He stood upon a mountaintop, the bird long gone and yet still there. A little child approached him, holding up a dewstained flower, its petals falling as he took it, floating gently to the ground. Where they landed new flowers sprang up, a field of color that changed as he watched it.
"Can I stay here?" he asked, but the boy just laughed and flew away. A tiny dragon sitting on his shoulder whispered in his ear: "We never leave."


MithandirYes, I'm strange. Shouldn't be a surprise.
ProtectorI liked this story,
SquirtI love this one, too.
JynxThis is by far my favorite story. I love the way nothing makes sence but in the end it all fits together. Nice job
shinkodaThis is beautifully written, masterfully
composed, wonderfully perfected. great job!
bookbooknice! reminds me of dreams I've had.


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