Myhrad in the Attic

A great piece of Myhrad, by Oni.

Added 1969-12-31


OnissarleI'll be keeping this updated if anyone's interested...
DragonmasterOooooh, gown up Myr. Cool!
DragonmasterGrown. I meant grown.
OnissarleNoooo.... His wings are still proportionally tiny to his body. It's just plain old Myhrad drawn in a different style, I gave more emphasis to his musculature and the shape of his skull, which is probably rather inaccurate.

Come to think of it, drawing an adult Myhrad would be interesting...
PrancyPranceUnicornhaha he's big and buff!
SaintoftheBeastsAwsome,im a major dragon fan and thats good!
KiaLOL he'ss BUFF! I thought maybe it was an adult version too, but yeah the wings are definitely still small. I can see it being a young Myhrad.. maybe just a little older though -l ike an adolescent Myhrad! lol The style is good, just so different from Alien and Mithandir's way of drawing Myhrad that its odd to see. Definitely looks more powerful and threatening! :)
Bregenorhe's probably an older teen in this. And he's definitely been working out.


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