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UnigirlI can't see them.
MithandirFixed. Thanks.
KiaI appreciate that the women are not "scantily clad" :) I found this webcomic a couple weeks ago by seeing the ad on another webcomic's website - the ad I saw was the one in the top row of the skyscraper, 3 from the left. I think I clicked on it part because of it saying the women are not scantily clad, and part because Myrhad (sp) looked really cute. XD But yeah, I appreciate that you guys didnt dress the women in revealing clothing, one, because I feel like that kinda promotes a perhaps not so good view of women, two, because I'm guessing that having a sexed up image in comics probably would increase the viewers, but you guys didn't, and I appreciate that. I guess I'm just trying to say I think it makes it have more substance :) It promotes better things!
AND I also appreciate that the characters dont follow the stereotypical "male" behaviors and "female" behaviors, because that also promotes people to be more comfortable being/doing what they want to, even if those actions don't follow the stereotypical behaviors for their gender.
I'm not a total fanatic about this kind of "gender role" stuff (I hope), but I value when people defy them because I think it promotes better mental health in readers.
Just wanted to support it by letting you all know I appreciate it! :)


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