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First and foremost, here are some links you can use to contact us (but we prefer the forums):

Alien Mainly artist. Draws the comic and all other ugly things. E-mail him to tell him how much you think Leaf's too girly.
Mithandir Script writer, colourist and webmaster. E-mail him any praise and declarations of love.

You can also find us on (channel ##adnd)!

Here are some comics we like :

Alien Dice

Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan

The Prime of Ambition




Count your sheep

Order of the Stick


Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic

Tales of Pylea


The Wings of Change

Sacred Pie

True Magic

Wayfarer's Moon

Other sites well worth looking at :

The Webcomics Tarot is a project where a large number of webcomics artists have all drawn a card for a complete tarot deck. We drew the Queen of Coins.

Elfwood is a huge gallery of fantasy art and stories by thousands of artists and authors. Both of us have a page there, check them out :

Alien's elfwood graphics gallery (for those who don't know, alien draws the comic).
Mithandir's elfwood story page (mithandir writes the scenario of the comic)
Mithandir's elfwood graphics gallery (he can't really draw though)
None of these have been updated lately. You can find more current art and stories on subpages of CtS.

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