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It can be tough getting noticed as a comic, which is why we at Chasing the Sunset have decided to put some small comics into the spotlight on our site. Every week (or, if there's a great demand, every few days) we'll put a new comic in a little box on our front page (and in the future probably other pages).

We're not a very large comic ourselves, so we can't promise more than a few dozen clicks, but hey, it's something, right?

The rules

We've got some rules for what comics we'll consider:

So, want a shot? Send an email to mith @, adding a url, description, small banner (max 180px wide and 120px high) and a rough indication of how many readers you have and we'll check you out and add you to the queue. Of course, we sadly can't guarantee everybody will get on, but we will try to be fair.

If you don't get a reply from me within 3 days, you probably got lost in the spam filters, for which my apologies. Try again and try adding "Chasing the Sunset" to the subject.

Previously spotlighted comics

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The Legend of Alceron
A tyrant causinga genocide, a boy fighting for peace.
Epic fantasy tale of love, magic and confused spirits of music
A fun little comic of a hatpire and its adventures
Be part of a comic from the start; Vanadys shows great promise in world building


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