The production team


Role: Artist, editor
Birthday: 20 july 1981
Nationality: Norwegian
Occupation: Free-lance graphics artist
Fantasy alter-ego: Elf
Fav. CtS Character: Leaf




Role: Script writer, webdesigner
Birthday: 6 may 1981
Nationality: Belgian
Occupation: Head of internal development at a multinational. (well, technically true, but 'programmer' is probably more accurate)
Fantasy alter-ego: Pixie
Fav. CtS Character: Myhrad



Role: Distraction, paperweight
Birthday: may 2002
Nationality: American
Occupation: Generally occupies the comfy chair.
Fantasy alter-ego: Cat
Fav. CtS Character: Myhrad



Role: Distraction, cuteness generator
Birthday: 18 july 2003
Nationality: Belgian
Occupation: Europe and the rest of the civilised world.
Fantasy alter-ego: Cat
Fav. CtS Character: Feiht


BubblesThe cats do all the work.
BurnedMuffinsno comment.
Hah! Confusing!
SquirtLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kitties ROCK! and don't you forget it!
BluegreenelfletLove your cats is ithildin burmese?
AlienMore akin to a Russian Blue
silver_deathlol kitty.... mewo
Pics plzI think the pixies stole all the pics in this page... too bad! :(
Goldenear777Or the pixies messed my computer up so now it can't see pics (which seems to be happening more often lately)

Role: Overly imaginative guy who loves a laugh, annoying monologue writer, bizarre and nerdy fan

Nationality: American (but from which of the eleven dimensions?)

Fantasy alter-ego: Fury infested inter-dimensional mage

Fav. CTS Character: all of them

Role: read the comic and comment on everything she can

Nationality: a mix of Norwegian, German, Irish, Scottish, British and possibly more

Fantasy alter-ego: a very cat-like friendly dragon that is discised as a young girl

Fav. CTS Character(s): Myrd, Ayne and Fieht


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