No doubt you recognize the blue ball on the left here. It's not the World That Is, not Middle Earth or the Heartlands, not Earthsea or any other world of Fantasy. It is Earth, our only home and no less beautiful than any of a million other worlds that it has inspired.

But this beauty is in danger. Like so many of its fantasy alter-egos its very existence is threatened by malevolent forces. Unfortunately, there is no Dark Lord sitting on a throne whose overthrow will save the day, rather the source of the pain inflicted on our earth is in all of us, and how can we defeat ourselves?

Still, because we all have our share of guilt, we also each have the power for change. Each of us can change the world. It may take all of us to save it, but everybody makes a difference.

It's for this reason that I'm proud to say that Chasing the Sunset is produced with 100% Green, renewable energy (Wind and Water, to be exact). The lights we use are Compact fluorescent light bulbs. We try to limit the trash we produce, and it is sorted and as much as possible is recycled. When we use batteries, we use rechargeable ones. We are currently looking at finding high enough quality recycled paper to draw CtS on.

All these are just small measures that you too can take to help our planet survive.

Think about it.


HappyplantYEY!! I'm so happy that CtS is green! Now I like CtS even more(if possible)!
Max RandorCool :-)
Hopefully the hot water solar panels we have just had installed will start working today :-)
BubblesSounds cool, Lol, are Ithildin and Daweiliant being green too?
SilverCougarHeylohey that is awsome to hear!

Though if you want a really good paper set to draw on... I seriously suggest hemp paper. It's 100% recyclable.. and a renewable source. XD
Lightwing k'SheynaThis has to be the best day ever in my life, discovering CtS and the team have gone green! Great for you, and I hope others can follow your example.
bookbook*cries a little*
kickmeAs you're using green energy, you may be interested in CO2Stats (

Basically, for every person that visits your site, they offset the amount of CO2 used to get that person to your site.
CuriousWhat about the servers this is hosted on?
AlienWell, those servers don't come into the production process, just the distribution. No idea what power those use.
MithandirI've asked, but haven't gotten a response yet. I know one competitor uses green energy and may move the site over when the contract expires.
anonymousOh, wow. Censoring my criticism of you and your green hypocrisy. That's a really mature reaction.
Mithandir*shrug*. This is not the place for stupid conspiracy theories. Feel free to vent your faulty arguments elsewhere (or if you must, you can email me, my address is on the front page).
But just for your information: the world is bigger than the US.
anonymousWhoever said I was American? I'm an Australian, and we contribute even less of a slice to the global pie chart than America does.

Also, none of what I said had anything to do with conspiracy theories, but if you must slander me to assuage your guilty conscience, go ahead.
MithandirI consider "there's no/little proof for anthromorphic global warming" a conspiracy theory. As for guilty conscience, no clue why I should have one. Anyway, this is the end to this discussion on this page. If you have more to say, you are free to email me but comments here will be deleted.
KittyKatSince when were ya'll friendlily? intresting and useful post. Thanks for sharing with us


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