Few remember the real name of the elven boy that is chasing the sunset. After his father disappeared in the forest and his mother died he was raised by his aunt together with a drageling he had befriended. When a bard came to his village with a story of an elf who was swept away by floods and carried all the way to the dwarven lands west of the sea, Leaf became convinced that this elf was his father. Knowing Leaf's stubbournness, the other elves in the village didn't oppose his plans to go look for his father again and together with Myhrad the boy elf set out on his great adventure.

Leaf is generally optimistic and cheerful, though one can't fail to notice deep scars left by the loss of his parents and Leaf is considered mature for his age (this fact was one of the reasons that the adults in his village did not object to his quest).His grief sometimes surfaces exposing a spark of insecurity in the young boy.

From his aunt, an adventuress of some renown in the small village (despite her tendency to overprepare), Leaf has learned to be curious and has in a way inherited a love for mystery and a craving to see the world. Nobody was therefore very surprised when one day he announced he was going to search for his father.

As an elf, Leaf has great love for all things that live.


dragonkinbut he still loks like a girl.
CryptoGirlso what was his real name?
horse cazy#1fallin leaf
hkmalyJust a note: Leaf age is in Comic 158. I still don't know why the old cast page with all these information (like leaf d&d stats: Str 11 - Dex 16 - Con 8 - Int 11 - Wis 9 - Cha 14) disappeared ...
hkmalyComic 158 ... ?
hkmalyComic #158 ... ?
hkmalyOk: Comic 158 ...
hkmaly... not working either ?
E.T.ah how sweet leaf is just like me
E.T.looks like me too... ...i do have sharp ears... ...BUT I AM A GIRL AND HE IS A BOY WE SHOULD NOT LOOK ALIKE
HamstersEverywhereOf course he's effiminate. He's an elf. It's a rare elf who avoids that.
hkmalyD&D stats still missing ? Damn. I should've saved other characters too ... wait ... we DO have wayback machine (see link) ...

So, once again:

Leaf Fact Sheet

Species: Elfus Treehuggerrus - The Common Elf
Age: 143 (young for an elf)
Gender: Male
Size: Stands about 160 cm tall
Hobbies: Archery, walks in the forest, ...
d&d stats: Str 11 - Dex 16 - Con 8 - Int 11 - Wis 9 - Cha 14
d&d skills: Animal Empathy 4 - Climb 4 - Balance 6 - Diplomacy 3 - Jump 3 - Knowledge Nature 3 - Listen 4 - Spot 5 - Tumble 6 - Wilderness Lore 3
spark ozzyi'm sorry leaf


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