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A day back in time

Created Mon 27 Aug 07 - 0:11 by Mithandir in category Photography

This weekend was the "Weekend of experimental archeology" at the archeosite in Aubéchie (a small village in the french-speaking part of Belgium). During this weekend the site is home to a heap of reconstructions from the neolithic and gallo-roman period, like iron age smithies, roman legions, etc etc. Consider it the equivalent of a renaissance fair, but set some 1500 (and more) years further back.

Both Alien and myself took a heap of pictures (me using my new camera (which I got last week)), partly to use as reference for the comic. Here's some of the ones I took:

Roman fashion show Gaul Traditional female cymbal dancer Roman Shield Tortoise Roman Soldier Alien in chain mail and helmet with a sword! And yet another roman soldier (well, the same really) Roman girls Grim looking roman soldier Centurion? High ranking roman dude at least.

More pictures: Gallo Roman Weekend


Mogget's Little SisterPlaying two pipes (or whistles) at once! Goodness, he's talented! :-)
Pulsyoooo it's Alien wearing chain mail! :D