Myhrad's first flying lesson

Fanart made by Unni, Alien\'s sister. Poor Myhrad!

Added 1969-12-31


Eraikei W. O.Awww... This is so extremely cute. Even though Myhrad is being dangled above the ground... But hey, I guess this is one way for a dragon to learn how to fly. =P
NarissonaI can see your next piece of art: Myhrad giving Feiht a swimming lesson. You're a good artist. Myhrad is sooooo cute!!
AnyaStyrzodI wonder how long it'll take for Feiht to drop him...hopefully they're not far up!
Ryujinanya, I wouldnt worry since myrahd is a bit heavy u know so there maybe 8ft off the ground tops ^^
BubblesAwesome! Myhrad does need to learn how to fly!
AnyaStyrzodTrue, Ryujin. Still, Feiht could've magicked it somehow...being a pixie :)
UnniThank you for commenting my drawing, you are so sweet! :D Big hug'n cuddle to everyone.
AjemiiMyhrad does NOT look too happy about this. Feihts enjoying it, though. you can tell by the evil(ish) grin on her face. LOL ;p >:D
KittenLove it, expecially his cute front paws xD
Anya and Ryujin: There are are clouds, even beneath him o.O I think Feith has gone crazy.
KiaWow, also a good drawing! Feiht actually looks like Feiht! (it seems hard to draw characters someone else made and actually get them to look like they normally do!) Drawing skills must run in the family :))

Also I like the way Feiht's body position makes it look like she is really is floating upwards. It conveys the motion well, but I'm not even sure how you did that. seems hard to do! Anyways, nice! :3


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