Myhrad Model

Adreanna sent us these pictures of her amazing model of Myhrad!

Added 1969-12-31


ZelaWow! Nice! Is that Sculpey clay? Whatever, it looks just like Myhrad!
Eikanaweshome! XD
CoyoteWow... that's really cool.
Qzoleawesome! I also want a real life sized myhrad ^^
I was planning on doing myhrad in 3d, now I think I'll have to hurry up ^^
KittenThis is just lovable! Just the fact that you made a Myhrad in itself, and that it's really awesomely(not sure that's a word :P) CUTE!!! *jumps around*
AnyaStyrzodCOOL!!!! Yeah, Qzole, I want a real life-sized one too!! I bet we all do...
QzoleJust noted that it's not life sized, the first pic is next to the window, so it's pretty small...ohhh...
But the graphical 3D is on the way (on a looong way)
BastetWow! Whoever you are, Adreanna, that is really, really, REALLY good!
bookbookWrong position. He's supposed to either be squashing Leaf or curled up sleeping.
FaticiaI want one!
LeeWhereabouts is that? The houses could be English.
Queenie JSculpey Myrhad! Froody!
EbethWow! That's amazing. You should sell them by the hundreds. Have little kits-"Build-A-Myrhad!" Yay!
Never mind that i'm being totally unrealistic and random but whatev. Don't pull me out of my happy delusions.
ElzooiThat looks realy realy nice. (that is it, go read the next comment)
KiaThats awesome! Makes me think....
Alien and Mithandir, Myhrad would make a really cute figurine. Like, in one of his adorable playful poses?
KiaIt is really cute.

Also, as I was looking at it again, .... in the first picture (on top left), does the middle house right above Myhrad look like its cut in half to anyone else?? XD o.O O.o o.O??? XD


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