Cheerful, optimistic, (over)enthusiastic, (hyper)active, . Feiht can always be found for a prank or two (by elves that is, since most humans cannot find her at all). In short she is a normal pixie. This means that despite all of her mischief, she is not in nature evil and will generally not hurt living things willingly. It's all just for fun for her.

Ageless like all Fae, Feiht spent the past few decades in the human lands to the north, having fun with the fact that she's invisible to human eyes. Slowly however she has drifted southwards until she ran into Leaf, Ayne and Myhrad not far from their village.

Fae are magical creatures, and so too Feiht who has already proven to have no less magic than the average pixie. Like with all pixie magic however, her powers are somewhat insubstantial and things she magically creates will not generally last longer than her attention time span (which, to say the least, is very short).

Another trait she inherited from her pixie ancestry: Feiht is a kleptomaniac. Her tiny size prevents her from stealing anything big, but that's okay to her since big things aren't usually shiny anyway, and pixies like shiny things.
Like Leaf, Feiht is in essence a caring person, who will try to help people even while pulling pranks on them. She considers herself a fighter of injustice and her magic and pranks are her weaponry (and like all weapons, they require constant eh ... 'testing'). More even than Leaf, Feith will never stand idle if something she considers wrong is happening around her.
Like Ayne, Feiht sometimes is a bit touchy, but for her anger is mostly an act (unless provoked by injustice, see above) as she has a good sense of humor and will consider most anything a joke.


Mestre ninjaxoi eu gostomoito dese gojo so cara amigo.

RPG EM??/?/????//??
TheNextTaggerungwhat exactly is a kleptomaniac?
LeeI'd tell you, but she stole my dictionary.
Lord GrayThank you for this character. Really, thank you.
-Kleptomania is obsessive thieving and lack of a sense of belonging- And there goes the dictionary, I knew I shouldn't have gotten the pearl-plated edition...

OskI'm glad i know kleptomania by heart, but feith may just steal my lapt
w00dylol nice response there lee
spark ozzyshiny stuff is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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