Use arrow keys to navigate around, press 'escape' to exit and numbers 1 through 7 to use an inventory item.

Power-ups and specials:

Teleportation square
Teleports Myhrad to a random location in the maze
Red magic berries
Eating these makes Myhrad grow so he can look over bushes.
Compassing unerringly show you the direction to the exit. Be warned though, they can only be used a few times before they break.
These rare balloons lift Myhrad up from the ground so he can fly for a short time.
Mud pool
When Myhrad walks through a mud pool he will leave mud tracks.
Magic Carrot
Carrots are good for you! These give you rabbit-teeth so you can eat through the bushes.
Flower seed
Plant these seeds to mark where you have been.
Blue magic berries
These berries allow you to jump over bushes.


NekoArgh, I've beaten all of them except for the "I Don't Have A Life" lvl! I can't beat it!
FearHyrenonly one I've beaten is I don't have a life level
SomeoneI've beaten 'I don't have a life' and easy. I just got lucky.
Gnati just beat i don't have a life in under five minutes and it was kind of easy.
oh and ive beaten all the others as well. very hard was a bit harder then i don't have a life considering how hard it was to find items. at least for me
warbunnybah the compass said in the "no life" level i had to walk east. and i dumbass walked west for 15 minutes.
Ultrainventorbah. I don't think my computer likes Javascript games.
Kaire:/ It's not even showing up for me. Just the instructions...
WisknortOk, took me about 20 minutes to complete the 100*100. This game is good!


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