Geocaching the Sunset

Chasing the Sunset characters take to the world as travel bugs.

The Chasing the Sunset characters have taken to the world! Leaf is traveling from geocache to geocache looking for his father, and soon the others will follow for reasons of their own.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a modern worldwide treasure seek. People have hidden thousands of boxes around the world but their locations are mapped by GPS coordinates and tracked by websites (for some of them you have to solve some puzzles to find them though).

Whenever you find a cache, you're supposed to put something in it and take something out again. Some objects are tracked online, so when you find one you go to the website and say where you found it. That way you can see where these items go and follow their paths around the globe.

Geocaching the Sunset

We're putting out several "travel bugs" (a type of trackable items). Each of them represents a Chasing the Sunset character and comes with a few small laminated prints describing the character and with some scenes from the comic. Each of our travel bugs also has a URL on it that points to a secret part of the site which will have a bonus ministrip (we're still working on it)!

In the Wild

Currently we only have one character in the wild:


(Cast Page)

Leaf is looking for his Father. He likes to travel west but will go wherever he can go (he likes to move)

Leaf public tracking code: TB273MX
Track Leaf on


Hick@HeartI hope some make it to southern California so I can help move them along!

Geocaching With Team Hick@Heart
Mogget's Little SisterEEEEK! BAD! Try letterboxing! Lower-tech, so you don't have to buy an expensive GPS system! Click on my name to go to the official North American website!
MithandirBut we already have a GPS :)
"only" cost 50 euros too, which at that point (many montsh ago) was quite affordable.
Narian GoldwordI would do this, but it's too expensive to travel around, buy a GPS, etc. I think I might not be alone. Sorry.
Mogget's Little SisterThen do a letterboxing hitchhiker, too! Please? I'll carve the stamp... But I'm not really that good, so maybe someone else should do it.
no oneWOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
hailstormi find this very unfair
StorelLooks like the person who picked Leaf up in 2010 never placed him again... boooo!


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Chasing the Sunset
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