Pixie Trouble

Pixies are a pain, pixies are a pest. What have the poor pixies done, one wonders, to merit such a reputation? Here's a small sampling from their biggest pranks.

The 1034 library heist

In 1034 pixies raided the grand library of S'endral and stole all the gilt from the book covers. Appearantly their initial plot had been to steal a book containing itching powder formulas but they got distracted. S'endrali researchers spent much of the next decade restoring the texts of such books that used gold inks for the first letter of each page. The pixies meanwhile went around with goldpaint on their faces until it went out of style the next decade.

The Zerthan jeweler torment, part I

During spring 1102 in the city state of Zerthan, jewelers started putting bowls of marbles in clearly visible places on their counters after a troop of pixies came looking for shinies in the busy jewelers district and made off with a fortune of rare gems and diamonds.

The Zerthan jeweler torment, part II

In the summer of 1102 in the city state of Zerthan, jewelers removed the bowls of marbles after they found out rather painfully that pixies can get very creative with round glass stones. Around the same time Zerthan doctors won great renown for their ability to fix broken legs and arms.

The pixie hunts of 1106

In 1106, pixies were hunted and prosecuted in the land of El'yan-der after one stole the glass eye of king Merketh while he was making a speech to his people urging for greater inter-species communication and tollerance for, you guessed it, pixies. The king was not amused.


In 1145 the entire crystal city of Ahm in the kingdom of Bem, one of the wonders of the world that is, vanished overnight after some pixies were spotted by farmers living closeby. Spokepixies have strongly denied all allegations of involvement and attribute the dissapearance to a freak act of nature. Sholars that have been keen to point out that as Fey, pixies are spirits of nature have been plagued by similar freak acts of nature.
All cities in bem are now constructed from dull grey stone.

Noble embarresment

In 1147 the young mage Yalin was asked to hold a speech about the nature of Magic to a gathering of nobles. Yalin, being a bookworm, was very nervous about talking in front of such a large and esteemed audience and told his teacher so. The teacher then recommended that he imagine the members of the audience in their underwear. Unfortonately this sage advice was overheard by some pixies who decided to help poor Yalin out.

Not all that shines is silver

Times weren't looking up in El'yan-der in 1204 after pixies stole the silver lining from all the clouds.

The dig

In the early 1200's it was said that the streets of Lhaeshorrand were paved with gold. Unfortunately this was said to pixies too, who flocked to the city by the dozen. When they did not find the promised gold there, about half of them started digging up the streets thinking the Lhaeshorrandae were being greedy and had hidden the gold. The other half got bored and started pulling pranks on the city. In modern days this is known as the pink age of Lhaeshorrand. It is in this age that the great asylum was built (and rapidly filled) in the proud port town.



Goldenear777^-^ the pixies are even funnier now!!!
ROFLWe need more events!
Oski can just see a pixie disrupting a funeral to check if the recently deceased really had a "heart of gold"
chocolate cakego pixies! Hey I wonder if fieght had a and in any of these
kitty catWhat the, bunnies and pixies supper cool and yaaaaaaaaayaaaaaaaa!!!:)!!!:)!!:)!!!:)
kitty catWhat the, bunnies and pixies supper cool and yaaaaaaaaayaaaaaaaa!!!:)!!!:)!!:)!!!:)
UltrainventorThe pixies also stole my army of androids before they could travel across the void and launch an assault to free the slave nation before it was freed and renamed freedonia! they had polished armor to reflect laser blasts. >:(
The Laugh of 254 EA (elven aeon) (also known as -1 HA, or human aeon, due to an unrelated but short A few aeons before this hilarious, but destructive event, the Titans were born. However, the pixies only learned of this in 54 EA. This was not due to the Titans' capacity for hiding until then, which was nearly moot, but because of the pixies having spent those eons almost completely entranced with stealing dragon scales. Nonetheless, when the pixies were told that the greater fey found the Titan's antics more amusing than those of the pixies, the pixies decided to pull a great prank on the Titans. They called the prank '99 Tonnes of Itching Powder'. Humans quickly learned to mishear their battle cry, the origin of the popular sailor song involving a very popular narcotic drug, but elves never heard it in the first place.

Feiht was, at the time, in possession of a dragon scale. In her attempt to help the pixies dump the tonnes of itching powder in the sea, she labeled each barrel with an inscription. 50 of the tonnes of itching powder were accidentally used on the dwarves. This is the reason they now ban magic. However, 49 tonnes of itching powder fell into the sea successfully. And really, that was it. The titans laughed so much, everyone in a estimated 15 km radius fell over laughing. Only the pixies, who had to enter the void to avoid laughing, were not amused by that failure.

However, Feiht came to believe that another 50 tonnes of itching powder would have actually exploded upon impact with the sea floor. So she chucked her dragon scale at the youngest Titan. He thought it was an offering. She had actually used it in order to give her better aim, to create a portal to throw coughing powders through. When she saw him actually sneeze, they became friends, she forgave him of the crime no Titan was capable of having committed, and she first learned- and shortly forgot- that high-fiving any being is a bad idea for a pixy.
ArsonistWhere“s the Hell“s Pixies“ "Apocalypse"?^^
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subdudephxI meant we need pixies in this world?


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