Pixie boat

This pixie was drawn by Alien to fit the boat drawn by Mithandir, the latter also drew the background. It was our first cooperative image project I think ...

Added 1969-12-31


AlienCollaboratory projects are much fun! Look at how great the boat and background turned out!
MithandirNaw, it's the pixie that looks great and steals the show! (Typical, pixies always stealing everything)
lnp4668pretty colors.
garnetxvery colorful and nice!! Love it
KittenMith: love the water and the sail! Alien: love the hair in the wind! Cute flower.. hehe.
PixWooooooooo. Nice pic. Quite bright... Wich is very good in this case. ;)

jedi zerovery nice, i applaud both Alien and Mithander on a nice drawing.
BIGMith, you really CAN draw!!!
Alien too, of course.
The details of the boat seems to be some very smart solutions. You took out a patent for that, I hope?
xandersweet little sailboat, err sailleaf.an afternoon of relaxation
krazzy"looks like a faery... very very faery... because i think it's a faery"
PixieJessreally cute
PixieJessicaIt is spelled fairy. How cute!! Reminds me of a scene from the Thumbelina movie
BuzzyLOVE the pixie, the little flowers, and the boat.
Lightwing k'SheynaPixieJessica: It doesn't matter how you spell it. "Faerie" or "Faery" or "fairy" or "Fayrie". Read Brian Froud's books, "Faeries" and "Good Faeries/Bad Faeries".
koolwyd22very pretty. i like the colors. even though it is a male pixie, it looks kinda weird without a shirt. I LOVE THE FLOWER IN THE BACKGROUND!!!!!!!!!!!


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