My entry for a pen drawing competition in the early milennium. Drawn on *gasp* grid paper.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienI'm sure most people would groan at a sneaky mammal with a bell in his cap.
MithandirYou got rid of the squares pretty well, well done.
lnp4668Really mischevious.
KittenCool Rogue. Expecially if this is a female rogue, because... I don't know why really...
KittenIs that blood on her knife? I wonder what/who she has used it on...
jedi zerowith those pointy ears he/she looks a bit like link, they aren't quite as pointy as your others
krazzythis picture reminds me of link from the game zelda... *tilts head* and i don't know why
krazzyit's the hat defenetaly the hat
GoddessOfEmusoooooohhhhh can i have the dagger? pweetty pweeese! its all sharp and bloody and curvy and sharp and shiney and sharp....
BuzzyOooh...Me like. She looks kind've like the Joker's girlfriend person...can't remember her name though. I'm not really a fan of Batman.
BuzzyHer dagger looks Arabian. I want her pants.
Fantasyfanaticeee! and eavil link/joker girlfriend/rouge! Sorry, had to put that. Well, i love it, and how did you get rid of the sqares with out ruining the pic?
bonecrushadat junk is ugly there aint nothin "good" about that picture..............
bonecrushaif you know what im sayin.........
raisinbonecrusha i sincerely hope that that was a joke( a BAD one)or else your bones are the ones that will be crushed because this is a fantastic picture! So there!
PalatezDam dude, draw something cooler. lol. no offense. idk. im kinda good at drawing. but whaeveer.
AlienPalatez: Hmm, 'cooler'? What would you define as cooler, then?
Fantasy: By being very careful and very persistent.
Bonecrusha: I'm well aware it's not a great picture, but criticism would be more useful if you could point out each thing that could be better, and in what way it could be.


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