Mainly trying out the underside view. Opinions on result quite welcome.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienLeft leg too long. What else is wrong?
lnp4668yeah, but not obviously noticeable.
AlienYes. As in right for us. It sticks out below the other, which it shouldn't in that perspective, I think.
FireBallHm... nice drawing. Few things though...
Looks a little rough, though that can be explained, since it looks more like a sketch than a drawing, at least to me... or it could be that scanner was set to low DPI or some-such...
Other thing is that it looks, at least to me, like he is falling down, because of a somewhat ackward angle... Still darned good though!
EolillOops, sorry... Anyway, in my eyes the figures left leg, as in right for us, is shorter than the other. It's perspective, you know? Things that's closer looks bigger. Even in this view the leg closest to us - the left one for the figure - should be further down in the picture than the others...
krazzyhe's levetating!!! he's possest by the devil!!! quick get a priest!
PixieJessicaaaahhh!!! hurry perform an exorsism!!
krazzyexorsist four the floating elf!!!
GoddessOfEmusawesome! love the spiritual side of it, but the pants look only slightly like marshmallows
i_like_shiny_thingsOooo, floaty!
BuzzyThe sun kind've looks like the halos people in those old stain-glass windows around his head like that. Perhaps he's being called up to heavan as a saint?
Drygonthe middle eastern pants aree suppost to look like that.croch is a bit low.i think the pants should drape more twards the back.unless he's falling?
Drygonlike the robe
Drygonmy dads a recreational tailor
Drygonfirst post: are, not aree
raisinyou know, i think he's standing on completly transparent glass because the last time i levetated i didn't stick my feet straight out like that I let them dangle...hmmm.


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