This isn't an overly serious picture. I like doing strange things now and then.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienI think this might be the sort of thing that hangs off shelves or monitors.
Mithandiror shelves of monitors!
lnp4668A snail?
KittenYup, a snail. I have allways called it a snail anyway. :)
xanderlooks like some mage was trying for something else when he crossed an anaconda and a hawk...
PixieJessicaA chicken and a snail obviously fell in looks like thier young. Very wierd.
ArillaI'm thinking of a doctor Seuss book!
krazzyoviously it's a a.... right yes thats it... *moves slowly away*
BuzzyLooks like a Quinten Blake (Roald Dahl books) style pic.
augdog20what did it eat ow no not leaf!!!!!

NarissonaCan anyone here interpret DNA? Because that would sure help us fin out what that is...
I have to admit, that is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly cute!!! :)
Ajemiiits cute i want it for a pet!!!! unless it has sharp teeth... But its so cute! *hugs* awwww...
raisinI can interpret DNA!

Oh wait, no i cant...


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