Old image, drawn for displaying strong emotions.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienVery grey and foggy. Can't fix that without ruining it, really.
lnp4668nah, it is appropriate for the mood conveyed.
KittenYou are not allowed to touch this picture. Fix? You can't fix something that's allready Perfect!
TalonI agree with Kitten its perfect
krazzyhe's lost in the dark and doesn't know where he's going,he despairs in being lost and away from loved ones? how sad....:'(
JessicaTotally cool. Why would you try and fix it?
PixieJessicaamazing....BTW I am also Jessica and PixieJess
BuzzyHe looks kind've like he's choking on the smoke the genie ('cause he's got Arabian shoes) made when he was summoned. I like it lots.
shoes look a little put of place
EverlastingPanda"Don't get swallowed by the darkness in your heart"
Ajemiito me he looks like hes trying to keep people away from him, like hes angry or something. really angry.
Katewhy is her chest so low? she looks old
AlienThe robe\'s bundled up by the belt. He doesn\'t have a lumpy chest when he\'s wearing less.
Blue RiverI like the hair.


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