How rivers are made

Got any better ideas?

Added 1969-12-31


AlienGrey and blurry again... ohwell.
OrcaThat's one *big* dragon...
lnp4668So dragons' tears are not salty?
CoyoMy all-time favorite Alien piece.
KittenI like them grey and blurry.....
xanderwell, asides from the obvious scientific explanations and such like- not really. And even if the tears are salty, eventually it'll be fresh, when snow takes over.

"the tears of the dragons poured out on the world, their sorrow at its desolation. But from sorrow in pain, came life in abundance; life, to fill the world again"
TalonPoor little dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!
PixieJessXander that sounds exactly like this picture. The gray background is perfect for the feeling of this picture.
NastibanWhats wrong with grey and blurry?
Like it allot. What made the dragon so sad btw?
krazzyi bet a woman in a boat sent different animals down to the bottom of the ocean and to find whats at the bottom but the only animal that came back was the river rat that handed her mud that as soon as it was in her hand started to grow so she threw it into the middle of the ocean where it turned into all the land in the world. but she was mad at the wolf who refused to go and so she put him on the land where his tracks are now lakes and his pawing on the ground are rivers...(see native canadian's legends and you'll understand ^.-)
krazzythat's defenatly is not how rivers and lakes came to be. the native version is better... i said so, so there, but a lovely drawing none the less...
BuzzyLove it, love it, LOVE IT!!!
Drygonbig sad dragon

Ican simpithize on the greyness, I cant get things to scan right eather
RainShineI don't know if I've posted before or not... I love your comic! :D This one is pretty funny. :)

(My stuff always scanned blue... that is, until my scanner stopped working. :P )
RainShineACK! Crap. I was still thinking of today's comic when I posted that. *cry*
Not the picture. It's a neat picture. *sigh* Sorry about that.
PrancyPranceUnicornaww... cute
Lightwing k'SheynaAwwww, that's so SAD!
Shadow PhoenixCute, yet sad... I like how the dragon dwarfs the river, which makes him look big, yet he looks somehow young (Can't think how to say it clearly). Anyway, you get a sense of enormous scale. And I like it gray and blurry. It makes it seem long ago, like a distant memory...
scanjaxcool picky
DragonRyderAwwwwww...... I wuv the wittle dwagon!!! *sniffle*


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