Leonide centaur, with egyptian basis.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienSeriously boring pose. Not sure whether lion bodies look like that.
lnp4668Needs claws.
AlienCats can retract their claws :P
OrcaPaws and legs seem oversized for the body.
Bronzeokay, I hate doing this but. The lions' back is much to low and the arm's a little thick... That's all I really see wrong. Sorry, I just had to say that. A very beautiful picture though.
AlienDon't be sorry, I like constructive critizism :)
You're right about the back, it is rather too low, and the arm too, I think. Thank you.
Lions have rather oversized paws, but possibly not that much...
NastibanMaybe move back the back legs a little and make the back
higher? Good drawing.
krazzyit suposed to have no human arms just a human head on lion body...
StormdancerWell, if it was a sphynx, it would be human head on a lion body. However, it's (and I quote) "Leonide centaur, with egyptian basis." Which it does quite nicely.

I don't mind the exaggeration of features like the paws, especially since it looks like a youngster, and feline paws are VERY oversized when they're young. I do agree the back might be a bit low-slung, though.
BuzzyVery nice overall, but the way the haunches come up is bugging me, and the front paw closest to the viewer looks like a hand.
Blue River What is it?
Adam MojoThat's a good Wemic taur thing. Ihope you do more soon.
Merlinangelyou did a really good job on the face..looks kinda defiant (tho I might be crazy)
I agree about the back, but I like the big paws
Sami_the_ghostHer arms look a little too thick. But the paws are cute.


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