Ever longed for something they just won't let you come near?

Added 1969-12-31


AlienDrawn during difficult periods. If you don't like personal stuff, move on move on.
Mithandir* Mithandir hugs Alien
lnp4668Me like.
EdorFausI like this one... It's full of emotion. Makes my imagination start spinning, too...
KittenI have loved this Allways! I used it in a letter once, did you know that Alien? You should make more pictures like this one. I think they are the best ever! The wings are Beautiful! And everything else too! Love the picture, and love you Alien!
xanderromeo and juliet. True love can always be difficult, especially in implications. can't help but wonder what's going on around them.
PixieJessicasad. true love barely separated.
NastibanHave to ask, an angel and a devil?
Like it very much, tho theres something up with the horn on the right figure :\
krazzythe angels are gods holy messengers who are forced to serve him... the devils are the spawn of satin beleved to be pure evil and kept in hell
krazzythe devil has hooves
BuzzyReally good! I like this a lot, except for the devil's hoove things. I know from experience that it's really hard to draw hooved animals/anthros/people standing up.
Shadow PhoenixPoor Alien... Are those a tiefling and an aasimar? Nice details on the wing feathers.
someoneWhat's a Tiefling? And an Assimar?
CryptoGirlreminds me of the end of The Amber Spyglass
raisinOh boy me too, I cried, did you?

Hey, that rymed.

Also, which would be Will and which would be Lyra? hmmm...
You Know Who I AmSad, cute, weird, and cool at the same time.
You Know Who I AmMakes me want to cry if I think of a story behind it...awesome work


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