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Eikanawwa...she looks so cheery! and the dress is really nice...I'd end up getting one like it if I could find one.
FireBallDress is very nice... Hands are slightly wird though, but thats understandable, since this is a sketch.
krazzyumm.. it's butiful not beautiful but butiful.. also you did not sketch that with a crayon did you? >.< i could never draw that well with a crayon...
krazzy( she's so butiful that she deserves a name may i sugest megan or nichole)
FireBallNicole is spelt without a h as far as I know...

And... umm... it's beatiful, not butiful...

Also... no need to triple-post :D
krazzy( i hate you fire ball)
StormdancerOoooh, what a joyful, delighted, sunbathing kind of face!
Chewait's purty ( pretty) but the nose is big..WAIT so is mine
cookie-samait's CUTE!! and actually, i like the hands. she doesn't look like she's worrying about whether she needs a name tho.
"who needs names?! i'm HAPPY!!"
i wish i was that carefree^.^
hailstormher hands r like that cause shes leaning on something


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