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SvenIt seems to be almost a self portrait considering your recent mood. I'm glad to see your getting to the point where you can actually listne to outside voices. I hadn't written before because I knew from past experience that you have to sweat thru that initial darkness. I've every confidence you'll get thru this time & find more tales arising from it. I also know & advise you as one who's been there, that the darkness will come & pass again & again. However each time you will emerge stronger if you allow yourself that growth. I wish I could say it all gets better, but for myself, I still revisit every companion lost, every foe killed, every mistake made, every minute as a P.O.W., tho it is 30 years in the past. However I do learn & grow as you shall. You will achieve new heights each time you emerge from that dark cocoon.
ves thu hael,
DoggieIt seems so sad.
FireBallVery nice drawing... love the shading on the wood especially...

Darn, nows the time I have to point out some flaw... Um.... He looks too sad :D.
PsyMarGreat job. Seriously, your artwork is, as always, absolutely awesome. You definitely underrate your abilities. There's no way I could draw like that.
Eikanit's *~*much*~* better than my artwork! ^_^ *holds up a messed-up looking stick figure and something that might have been a dragon before a toddler scribbled on it*
krazzyseeing you draw somrthing sad makes me think your depressed... it's beautiful but it makes me cry :(
krazzyadvise : read fantasy books they give me lots of ideas maybe they'll help you
BBoth you and Mithrandir underestimate your abilities. This drawing is great... And Mithrandir always comments her stories by saying their bad, but they're really good. You should both start looking at your works with more optimism
YoshiWow, I wish I could draw sad people.
Really good!!! ^_^
TealyaDetail in the hair is great and the use of color is good. He looks so sad, though. What happened to his shirt?
Chewait's pretty but why is she naked..!?or he...
horse cazy#1noooo dont be sad, sad is bad, nooooooooo.
Raisintry muffins. (ha ha, i beat that person who always talks about muffins...who was that?) but seriously, try muffins. Draw a a to a muffin. Or not.
NekoYoshi: I wish I could draw sad and happy people! I can't draw at all! I'm a horrible artist!

Alien: Great drawing! I love it! I wish I could draw like you, you're the best artist I know!!! *glomp*
NekoP.S. Yeah, what happened to his/her shirt?!?!? I love the hair, it has such great detail! Once again, I wish I could draw like that!!!
thursdayI send hugs

lots of hugs

and possibly a muffin
hailstormwhile u guys send ur petty muffins i send alien PIE AND CHEESE THE TWO THINGS THAT MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND


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