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FireBallWow... I can't draw faces, so for me, that's absdolutely amazing.... I really liek the nose...
krazzythe eye is the best feature you should start an art school just so you can teach the hole world to draw 'butiful' eyes like you....(butiful is better than beautiful)
krazzy(.. and beatiful)
JavynYeah that eye is pretty cool. I like eyes. Eyes = good.
Eikan*whine, whine* why can't I draw Alien type eyes...? my eyes at best look like a dot with a line above it, at worst....uhm...let's just say it's bad...
krazzy"eyes are the windows too a persons soul"... does that men people without them are evil minyons of the 'freakin' devil??
krazzy... or is this pictures soul is incomoplete longing for something more then the thorns of it's labour that life gives it to complete itself with all the richness of the rainbow of dreams...*cough*
krazzy... um the mouths good too
krazzy... um the mouths good too
StormdancerOoooh, neat! I love abstracts like this. The eye has a nicely exotic feel to it.
krazzythere's a tear look very closly...
Chewathe eyes soo butiful (lol krazzy)
cookie-samaGEEZ krazzy! i didn't think you were that insightful...(or that you had the guts to post SeVEn tImES under the same pic!!)
cookie-samai'm referring to krazzy's 4th post
Dryg0nlooks sort of... serene
MoonMinxlo- no comment

i loke it, i really do, its just i like it so much i don't know what to say
halfdragon_magewhoever this face belongs to looks angery
halfdragon_mageor anoyed


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