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FireBallLooks very nice, touching... moving. (He? I think so...) seems to be in very much either mental or physical pain. Looks very nice.

Another Quote:
"Let me rest, oh, let me rest my people, for I have bled for you."
Chevette GirlActually, it looks quite obvious from that sketch how you're feeling... :( I've done stuff like that myself when I was having problems... I hope you feel better soon. I enjoy your comic, and I don't think your artwork is bad at all. Hope you get your meds straightened out, if that was the problem...
krazzyi was depressed once but not anymore because life to short to be sad so please be happy... right now all you need is some caring words and muffins lots of muffins
StormdancerOooh, wow... that's a really powerful image! Nicely done!

You always have shown emotion very well.
ChewaCaption for leaf---> " must..not...eat..alien's..muffin..*right hand starts to twitch*..NO!!!...mu..s..t..s.to..p.."
cookie-sama*SNOrt!!* no! we mustm't make light his pain... *//* *heehee*
actually, he's too cute NOT to feel sorry for. ^.^
Dryg0nwhy muffins?
horse cazy#1why not muffins??
raisinI agree about the muffins.
Dryg0nBut- muffins? why not cake?
Goldenear777Because muffins are better for u than cake.

He looks really sad. either that, or he's about to puke
hailstormmaby hes puking up muffins


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