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Nevynaaw..this picture looks so sad... :(
there are times in life that you may feel abit depressed,or have in general too much to think of...and in this case it seems like your giving up abit...just because you feel like you're not good enought....but to be honest with you, i think that you shouldnt give up! i still think you have it in you! just take your time ;)
FireBallVery nice picture, I especially like the flower. Hair is well done, too. The left hand, the one touching his heart, looks somewhat... uncomfortable though.

"I dream a million dreams, yet only one comes true
The only one, in which I could see you."
krazzyshe's being held only by the wind which also holds her back...
krazzy>.< (*he*)
krazzy(when something has long hair i ato-maticly asume it's a girl!!!!!>.
CoyoteAbout how I feel at the moment -_-
TealyaPretty. The movement of the hair looks nice but the hand held up to his shoulder looks a little odd. It doesn't look like it should bend that way.
Chewaawww that's happened to me before..a friend gives u a present but u noe that they're not coming back...and then it seems soo dramatic--> the wind blows.
raisinit looks more to me like someone is leaving and you want to give them the flower but are stopped somehow and the person leaves without saying goodbye...
Nekokrazzy: I know! Whenever a person has long hair I immediately assume he/she's a girl. There's this boy at school, and he did (keyword: did, he cute it) have long hair about an inch below his shoulder. First time I saw him, I saw his back. I said to my friend "I love her hair!" My friend looked at my like I was crazy and told me he was a boy...I was so embarrassed. My friend was so "nice" and told him what I had said...but luckily him and I are still friends...but it was a weird story. Boy am I gonna have a story to tell my grandchildren!
AlricIs this Leaf?
AlienAlric: Just a random elf, really.
And it's a male. How you can tell? I dunno. Pesky feminine elves. He ain't got a rounded chest, though.
hailstormlooks like leaf to me


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