Backstory 2: Orphaned
Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

Frame 1 here was the first to be drawn ever that made it into the comic. Lots of flowers. Whee.

Mithandir says:

"for so strong is the love of the elves"
... I keep feeling I stole that from somewhere

Queen Julietaini says:

Be comforted, Mithrandir, for I am wise in the texts of elves and the phrase came to me first here.
Poor Leaf. All alone in the world, with no father or mother to take care of him.


Becci AGAIN says:

But he has a dragon?

Zalza says:

Not yet.

Narissona says:

Um, where are the flowers in frame 1?

Rendezvous says:

don't cry he'll live

spiggy says:

Plenty of flowers, just tons...

the raven says:

alien probably meant in frame 3.

Attacking Pixie says:


Lone Star says:


KidCat says:

I agree with Lone star... soo sad!

Goldenear777 says:

I love frame 3! so beautiful and sad and pretty and magestic and i could keep going on but i'm not.

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