Alien's artwork and CtS Fanart

Chasing the Susnet high res panels
High resolution versions of some of the earlier comic panels.

10 drawings.
CtS Character Art
Images of characters appearing in the strip.

11 drawings.
Non-CTS Character Art
Character drawings by Alien. Often these are characters in role playing games that we play.

46 drawings.
Other Art
All other artwork, pretty much.

46 drawings.
Alien's Sketchbook
Frequently (ahem) updated collection of random sketches.

114 drawings.
CtS Fan Art
Art contributed by readers. Whee, nice readers.

20 drawings.
Creature of the day
Every day, Alien draws a random fantasy creature, picked from a big encyclopedia of such beasts.

46 drawings.


Mogget's Little SisterWheehee! first on something!
bookbooknee.. you got there ahead of me. darniful.
RavenI love FanArt!!
Loft Conversions BristolThere are some pretty awesome drawings here - some good fans!


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Chasing the Sunset
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