Myhrad's Maze

An old java game I wrote ages ago. Help Myhrad escape the Maze

The Seven Minute War

In the year 986, pixies assaulted the silver tower of Zhar, home to the wizards of the sacred stone. The battle that ensued between the mages, known for their creativity and quick thinking, and the pixies was short but eventful.

Pixie Trouble

Find out some of the ways pixies have annoyed people in ages past.

Chasing the Sunset SPOREs

Find some Chasing the Sunset Spore creatures and buildings.

Geocaching the Sunset

Help Leaf find his father (or at least a nice sunset).

CtS: the movie

Watch the trailer for the upcoming chasing the sunset movie.

Magic Font

Download the Chasing the Sunset magic font.


CoyoteWhat's this?
CoyoteBlank page is blank.
CoyoteMy name is Dr. Robert Neville.

I am a survivor living in New York city.

Nothing went the way it was supposed to.

There were 6 billion people on earth when the infection hit.

I am broadcasting on all AM frequencies.

If there is anyone out there..


You are not alone.
Mogget's Little SisterInteresting... I'm assuming more stuff will go up later? Just the wallpaper now.
AlexAw... I miss the games. Myrhad's maze was one of the better ones I've seen.
Neko katNooooooooo!! Myrdrhads maze! I loved that game! Noooooo! And what's up with the first post?
"I am a survivor living in New York city." Survivor of what? "Nothing went the way it was supposed to." What was supposed to happen? "There were 6 billion people on earth when the infection hit." What infection? "I am broadcasting on all AM frequencies." Broadcasting what? "If there is anyone out there.. Please. You are not alone" What does the 'Dr. Robert Neville' mean? That's freaky...
Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook)it's from a movie that just came out, "i am legend". don't be freaked, coyote was probably just playing a joke.
Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook)wait... what happened to everything? i can't click on anything!
Neko katOh, that's why I don't recognize it. I don't want to watch that movie, so now I get it. And they're updating this, so nothing is here except for the wallpaper. I miss Myrdrhads fave game...and I liked the little "What mythical creature are you?" quiz too! Waah! T.T
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Jynxcoolchick, if you're going to insult people, you may as well do it in proper English.
NekoCoolchick, I agree with Jynx. Also, if you can draw better, why are you here? If you can draw better, you would most likely be too disgusted to even post and say so. If you could draw better, you wouldn't be reading this comic or even be here. So, mostly your just trying to say that to make yourself look good!

(I love looking at things logically!)
Thekid-catNO! They got rid of Myhrad's maze!
AlexActually, coolchick just made my hitlist for stretching out the columns so far, and making them difficult to read. I hate scrolling sideways. If these posts ever get looked at, I hope that one gets deleted.

She also appears to be brainless. Usually a good way to make my hitlist.
AlexThank you moderator.
So much.
NekoYes, thank you for editing that post. It was so annoying having to scroll sideways so much, all to see a bunch of "O"'s. It was very annoying. Thank you so much!!! ^_^
Noremac RatsiwIf you think you can draw better, you are SO wrong. No one can draw better than Alien.
Noremac RatsiwWell, maybe a few people.
Noremac Ratsiwbut not you.
Noremac RatsiwWhere is everything?
AlexThe Pixies stole it. Happens to everything around here.
AlexNo, but seriously, they reburbished the site or something, but all the stuff from Pixies forest got wiped. It's probably on a computer somewhere, waiting for complicated and scary things to be done to it.

ps LOL alex... the pixies stole it lol.... they probaly did
...was it shiny?
AlexCan you imagine of pixies got the full scope of just how shiny most technology is?

And ..., yes, yes it was.
NekoYeah, I think that the pixies stole it. Cuz there were pixie-related things in the games and stuff, and there were shinies. I know why they would steal it, I know I would. Actually I was planning on stealing it but they got to it before I could! Waah!
Neko*mutters*Pixies...who needs them. They stole the page before I could...grr the pixies are gonna come attack me cuz I said they're stupid...*runs and hides in a box with no shinies on it* Yay! Now they wont' even think to look in this box cuz its not shiny! ^_____^
If that box has no shinies in it either, you may just stay on the one topic long enough to find out what you're talking about. I wish you all my cynical luck.

Btw, the pixies would proly induct you if they found you. Or turn you into an orangutang. One of those.
Alex*Probably. Dear God, I cannot type.
NekoMeep? What are you talking about Alex?
AlexInduct= make part of, in the sense of 'inducted into the secret club of shiny-lovers/pixies'
But theres an equal chance you'll end up as some form of fish. Or ape. Or an idea. Anything, really.
thursdayhallo robert neville.

NekoArgh...put Myhdrad's Maze back! I love that game...waah! T-T *sniff* *sniff* I want it...I liked the quiz too...wah! Stupid pixies wanting their stupid shinies, ooh! Shiny!

Meh, but put the maze and quiz back! Please? *puppy dog face*
Put back the maze and quiz back! Please?
How many "pretty"s do I have to put before please before you put the maze and quiz back?
Pretty? Pretty? Pretty, pretty, please!

Pretty please with 2 cherries on top and whip cream and chocolate sauce?? And anything else you want on it?
NekoOops, I forgot to add my name...
That was me in the last post.
TheNextTaggerungYAY! The 7 minute war is back! I'll call off my E(vil)U(ndead)P(ancakes) unless someone wants breakfast.
She-WolfDoes anyone know where to go to ask the creators specific questions?
I cant find an email link on the site.And yea!!! to the Pixie information. *copying down in Survival book - with plain - non shiney cover. "If you see a Pixie doing .....selective memory...charms....what to do if..."
AlienHi wolf,
Emails can be found in the news posts, click the nick underneath that says who posted the item. I see mine doesn't work at the moment, but just use my name and end it like Mith's is. And for Mith, remove the +spam from the mail.
You can also ask us questions on the forums, you can find them via the community button on the top row.
Fifi the Wonder PoodleI have Hell's Pixies as my screen saver ;D
no oneIM A GEOCACHER!!!!WOOT!!!!
nicolethis is nice
hailstormi think you guys should put up some quiz‛s


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