Primary Cast

Our valiant adventurers (and Myhrad too)

Our valiant - albeit occasionally distracted - defender of, well, everything
Myhrad the drageling
Ayne Ni'dhilti

Secondary Cast

Less frequently occuring characters

The Furies
Spirits of anger
Arpix is ... special.
Aunt Naiira
Leaf's aunt, proffesional adventuress
Geb and The Mount Erac
One smart and one normal troll
The Lhaeshorrond Guards
Proud elven guards of the port city
The rhyming red-head bard
Yet another pixie
Characters we briefly kidnapped from other universes
The Witch
The evil witch (or is she?)
The Grey Unicorn
Bound between black and white, will the unicorn prince ever be free?
The Lady
The lady of the forest, Morgane le Fey
The Gryphons
Half lion, half eagle, full confusion.
The Dryad
A fey tree-spirit
The Amazons
Blue skinned warrior women
Ridder Mark and Jarson
The valiant knight and his squire
The bard king
Ja'el the Historian
The Hell's Pixies
Menacing Masters of Misschief


bookbookoh goody! Even though I didn't read every single strip i know who all the characters are!
Dark Dragoni read every strip....
i have way too much time
tezmaraI know what you mean dark dragon. I've read it 3 times already and i can't wait for more to come out!!!
Oskwhat about the hells pixies? they're not here
Mogget's Little SisterUmmmm... yeah. Under cameos? You really need to put that pixie... what's-her-name.... the new hells pixie.
elvenfairywhat about those dragons they meet past the bard kings city?
VendavalMaybe the dragons are under Denizens?
Frumphhmm cant login to starlink to talk with ya
come over to and update your comic info for me wouldja
Ryank_119Good work on this cast page, I can't imagine the time it took.
hkmalySo we have "Our valiant adventurers (and Myhrad too)" and "Less frequently occuring characters" ... what about "Never occured characters" ? I mean like that mage which caused the flood ... he did never really appeared in the comic but it might be usefull to have page with links to all information about him ...

Mogget's Little Sister: You mean AbĂși ? ...
OskNo cast page for the hells pixies yet?
no oneWill Tom soon be avalible?


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