The Lhaeshorrond Guards

Well-trained elven guards defend the port city of Lhaeshorrond, their task is made substantially easier by the relative peace in the world. In fact the hardest part of their job could be argued to be keeping up appearances, as the great gates of the city have not been able to close for ages (but are nonetheless closed every night, or at least if you believe the guards)

Still, enough dangers exist for the guards to not be completely useless, as there is always the chance of a troll invasion or roaming dragon. If either of these happen, it can be presumed that the people of Lhaeshorrond will be happy to have competent warriors by their side to ....uhm ... show them where to run.


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BregenorSigh... all that money for the defenses and if a troll or dragon comes along we're still doomed...


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