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Dragon Tea Party, illustrated children's story
Multi-monster-maker page 1
Story for Rune's 7th birthday
Multi-monster-maker page 2
Multi-monster-maker page 3

Chasing the Sunset Archive

Comic Archive

Introducing Leaf, Myhrad and Ayne
Into the world
The first few steps on the road
The great elven port city
Cerdin Forest
A unicorn crosses our heroes' path .. can they save him from the hunt?
Broken Tower, Fallen Leaf
Are answers to be found in the old mage tower?
The Witch
What is evil and what is good?
Message From Home
When past events catch up, will our heroes be dragged back home?
No Man's Land
Remnant of wars gone by, what dangers lurk in no man's land now?
Just who or what are these strange Amazons?
Going from wood to stone and iron.
The party
Walking with dragons and pixies
Across the ocean on a boat of stone
Crossing the great intercontinental Dwarven bridge
The dark of the mountain
Not everything sees the light under a thousand tons of rock.
Magister or Madman?
The Chase
Where will your chase lead you?


bookbookooh! first comment!
SevernI love Chasing the Sunset! It's not often I find a comic that makes me actually laugh out loud. Keep up the great work, I'll be checking back for updates. *smiles*
owllove the story- update update update...PLZZZZZZZZZZZzz
owllove the story so far, update update update... plzzzzzzzzzzz
...go back and color update prolouge please! it would make first time viewers get into this comic more.
MithandirUhm ... I did ... several months ago. All strips are in colour now. Unless I missed something?
JezebelChristi Weeeeeee
ultrainventoryou didn't miss anything big. none of the actual strips at least.
MalvenicusI agree with Severn. This is the only comic so far that has made me actually laugh. I love how it has non oriented ( well non that I picked up on at least) political jokes! As well as other little nuances that make this comic most likely the best I have read yet! Thank you!
Chris in KaliforniaOh drat. Beginning to stopping point in 3 days. Now I have to go back to reading mundane stuff.
CharlieonabridgeWow, your comics addictive; start to finnish 5 days. Really well written and a nice easy read. Good character development too. Can't wait for the next update.
lenaReally, really great comic! I am a complete addict. ;)
NickAwesome comic can't wait for the next update; start to finish in 1/2 a day :D
KyHey I read the whole thing in one day and still had time for another.
KyBy the way this comic is probably the best ive read. Like ever. :-) It makes me laugh so hard.


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