Stories from Chasing the Sunset

Stories that involve primary or (more usually) secondary cast members from the Chasing the Sunset comic or are otherwise closely related to the strip.

The Grey Unicorn

Short story (ca. 2700 words) about the Grey Unicorn and Dersil the Bard.

Stories from The World That Is

Stories that are set in the World That Is, the fantasy world of Chasing the Sunset but do not involve any of the comic characters.


Short story (ca. 800 words) about, well, freedom :)
Those of you who have read my stories before will likely recognise this. It's arguably the first story written in the world of chasing the sunset as I've modeled the world based on this story.

Moonlit Pixie

Just a little rhyme I made. The rhytm is more than a bit wrong, but I like it here it is.

The Essence of Magic

Short story (ca. 1200 words) about seeing the beauty of the world.


Short story (ca. 1200 words) which I can't give a summary off without spoilers. It's in the style of Freedom (see above)

Stories in the Moonlight Universe

These stories are set in what I call the Moonlight Universe, mainly because moonlight is the source of magical power for the main character, in this world where magic comes from light and is only accessible at night.


Short story (ca. 3700 words) introducing Imr and the mistake that shaped him.
The oldest story of mine that you'll find on this site. It was written way back in 2001 I think, or maybe even 2000, I don't reemember and the original files are long lost.

Between Wind and Fire

Short story (ca. 6000 words). While exploring the woods of a distant land in search for a dragon, Imr gets drawn into a local conflict. I actually submitted this one to a magazine once. Hah, like anything of mine would be even close to good enough :)

Untitled for Now

(ca. 9000 words). Answering a call for help from the Dryads of Lake Wredna, an aging Imr has to restore balance between life and death. One of my least liked stories, tho I don't really see what makes this one worse than the others. Comments appreciate

Other stories


A short thingy (ca. 150 words) about what I hold most dear.

In Silent Laughter

A dream (ca. 300 words).


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