Creator's Corner

Personal page for Alien and Mithandir.

Greetings and salutations, wanderer, and welcome to the CtS Creator's Corner. This page contains and links to things the creators of Chasing the Sunset do that are not necessarily directly related to the comic. As such, this is sortof a personal page for the two of us.

Meet The Creators
A little bit of info about the team behind CtS.


Mithandir's Corner

CtS Writer/webmaster

Mithandir is the self-proclaimed writer of Chasing the Sunset, altho rumours exist that the stories are really thought up by a band of pan-dimensional pixies vowing to take over this world and enslave all humanity. Then again, the same goes for most things in life.

Mithandir's Stories
Short stories by Mithandir, some of which are set in the CtS universe.
Tales from the Sunset
Mithandir's old blog, now replaced by
Picture Gallery and new blog
Now located at

Alien's Corner

CtS Artist

Alien is the talented but severely insecure artist of Chasing the Sunset. In fact Alien's low self esteem is generally so low that I (Mithandir) am cheating and writing this intro, just to make sure there's some positive things in here. .

Alien's Artwork
Both CtS as other art made by Alien (as well as some fanart)
Alien's Sketchbook
Really part of the artwork section, this sketchbook is updated frequently with whatever alien is working on.



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