Ridder Mark

A knight of the old code (to be exact the code that was abandoned ages earlier when knights found out how silly they were), Sir Mark lives his life travelling from one danger to another (without actually ever meeting any, thanks to his helpful squire)

Sir Mark was sired by a knight desperate to create a riddermark (to find definitions of a riddermark, see the comments of this comic)

While of course very valiant and noble, it could be said that Sir Mark isn't the smartest man ever to ride a horse and in fact the main reason for his constant successes (given the before, 'survival' can be considered a great success altho that depends entirely on your point of view of course and is a point much contested by those gods trying to keep up the appearance of seriousness in the universe) is his squire Jarson, who contrary to his master is deviously intelligent. Jarson has, in fact, got common sense (a trait that is truely rare in the World That Is, and previously encountered only sporadically by Leaf and his Friends)


...WOOT XD first comment! Anyway.... I think this guy would be great friends with Aprix lol!


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