The Lady

Also known as: The lady of the forest, Morgane le Fey, Yjajamin

The Lady is one of the more powerful fey. Although she assumes no leadership of her own, she us generally regarded as the ruler of the forest for she's the spirit of the woods. Feared by men and adored by elves, the Lady is neither kind nor evil. Like the forest, those words have no meaning to her. Powerful in fey magic, the Lady will protect her domains if so needed and woe to the foolish that cross her wrath.

When manifested, the Lady usually presumes the form of a slender elven female dressed in green leaves.


NarissonaWow... I got a first comment (not much to be very proud of here...)
Personaly, The Lady is one of my favorite characters
Thekid-catShe's pretty!
hailstormi think she should show up more in the comic
BregenorI'm sure we'll see her again. They have to walk through a forest SomeTime.


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